Miami Airport Installation: Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney

The work of american sound architect christopher janney, ‘harmonic convergenceis an interactive sound and light installation,  constructed within the pedestrian walkway of the miami international airport in florida. to be officially inaugurated to coincide  with art basel miami beach and design miami 2011 this december, the piece replaces janney’s 1997 commission at the airport, ‘harmonic runway’.The work combines light, colour, and sound as it leads passengers from a rental car terminal to the airport proper. speakers installed at regular intervals along the walkway create a continuously changing ‘sonic portrait’ of south florida as they play the sounds of tropical birds, thunderstorms, and other environments native to the region. video sensors at either end 
of the passageway track visitor movement, causing changes in the density and composition of the sound piece relative to the number of passengers in the space.

view of the western wall


closer view of the coloured glass

He work required that the shading louvers along the passageway’s western side first be removed, increasing the light and openness of the space. the existing glass panels were then replaced with coloured glass in a diagonal pattern  that mimics the existing X-bracing of the walkway. these columns, along with the floor and ceiling, were painted white to catch the play of colour and sunlight. To continue the installation’s effect during night hours, janney replaced the existing fluorescent lighting with a series of computer-controlled LED lights.

glass placement diagram

construction renderings

More info:designboom





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