Peel bottles, packaging concept

A bottle to peel!, Smitnoff fresh way to start off your party! The perforated, peel-able, labeled bottles even come in a wooden crate. Check it out! Continua a leggere


Glass Food Cover

L’idea di Hiromi Taki e Tomori Ohata è geniale se si pensa anche alla parte estetica; si tratta di una collezione accattivante che consente anche di presentare il prodotto in modo ordinato e originale. Continua a leggere

Sebastian Bergne: pipe glass for pigr’

London-based sebastian bergne has designed ‘pipe glass’ co-produced with pigr’ Milan. The drinking vessel is an experimental piece that challenges the typology of a glass,  while capturing the spirit of an old habit. ‘pipe glass’ is featured in the ‘blow by blow 2011’ exhibition during milan design week, april 2011. Continua a leggere